The services performed by CaSE Logistics are:

Practical logistical consultancy services.


  1. design of logistical concepts and selection of physical services providers.
  2. advise concerning contract-items regarding purchase, delivery, transport, and storage of goods/cargoes.
  3. advise regarding transport- and cargo insurance.
  4. advise regarding quality and quantity determination.
  5. advise regarding (future) logistical systems.

Operational Logistics Organizer and Co-ordinator.
From the moment that cargo-flows are starting to move, many details are asking for professional attention and prompt action. In logistics, often “the devil is in the details”.

We can be your dedicated services provider in this field whereby it is subject of further discussion which part of the operational work you prefer to do yourselves and which part can be outsourced.

To make it more concrete, within this concept is it possible that CaSE Logistics takes care for the following items:

  1. (operational) communication with suppliers regarding planning of deliveries.
  2. (operational) communication with parties involved in the operational process like:
    • stevedores for unloading, loading , storage.
    • inspection companies for quality / quantity determination.
    • forwarding companies for customs formalities.
  3. instructing above companies that are involved in a specific shipment.
  4. permanently informing internal involved people about expected arrivals.
  5. keeping the best planning up-to-date.
  6. monitoring the actual deliveries and informing parties involved regarding received/delivered quantities, loading times, etc.
  7. prepare lay time calculations of sea-going vessels.

Management Services.
Here we offer different options of management services.

  1. (Interim) management.
    Performing management support for a temporary period.
  2. Project management.
    On behalf of the client we take care of the management of a project or a part-project.